Wash and Dry – Self Service
Come and join us for a great time. Washing and Drying has never been easier or more pleasant. We have the best Detergents, Softeners and anti-static products to use in conjunction with our 100% American machines. We have everything ready and waiting for you. Come and experience a first class washing experience.

Wash and Dry – delivery (available soon)
When your daily routine consumes your time; when you are too busy with more relevant chores, all you have to do is call. Our friendly staff will take care of performing this task for you. We will wash, dry and fold your clothes, WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. Remember that you are the reason our business exists.

Ironing Service
“I don’t have time to iron”, “I’ll burn my shirt”, “I can’t get the line on my pants straight”. Don’t worry about this anymore. Our trained staff is ready to take care of this for you. We are prepared to bring you the best service at incredibly low prices. 

Our objective is to give our customers the best service while helping them optimize their valuable time. We have several services to help you make this “the new way to do your laundry”.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Flat Screen TVs with full cable service
  • Magazines and Newspapers to keep you informed and entertained
  • Personal assistance from our friendly staff. We will assist you with all stages of the washing and drying process.
  • Webpage to inform you of our services, news, special promotions, useful tips, and how to use our delivery service.
  • An exclusive deign for those that do laundry in style.